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Door Kickers Action Squad V1.2.4

theres also the issue of how many hostages you can bring with you before youll be set upon by the enemy. if youre caught with six of them in the fire, youll come out of the mission with a failed result. before you begin, theres an opening screen that lets you know your hostages are safe or in danger, but this doesnt mean that you wont have to deal with the bloodthirsty enemies as well. some hostages can actually be in the way of your enemy, so youll have to watch out for them. thats also, somewhat, true for your enemies though. are they worth the risk? also, after clearing the house, there are quite a few doors to kick and windows to jump in and out of. if youre going to be giving your operatives cover, youll need to be aware of what your operatives can and cant see, but be careful not to block their view. if your operative doesnt see something, they cant shoot it, and if they do, they cant see or catch it after it falls.

Door Kickers Action Squad v1.2.4

on the whole, door kickers: action squad really delivers for a small indie, or is that just too long of a word? in addition to the gameplay elements there are also plenty of other novel elements thrown in, such as a story mode, and a few cosmetic items like power-ups and costumes. its a surprisingly generous free-to-play title for ios, and although the lack of tutorial means that youll have to hustle a bit to get to grips with the game, its still a satisfying shooter nonetheless. the controls are a bit stiff, especially to drag your operatives around in some levels, but it really doesn't affect the experience. and that is the crux of the matter, because even though it doesnt have the best controls, its the tactile action, coupled with the 80s soundtrack, and retro visuals that really make this game so enjoyable.


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