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Tải FIFA Online 4 cho Android - Game bóng đá số 1 thế giới

FIFA Online 4: A Free-to-Play Football Game for PC

If you are a fan of football games, you may have heard of FIFA Online 4, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football game developed by EA Spearhead and published by Nexon. It was released in South Korea in May 2018, and later in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is a sequel to FIFA Online 3, which was also popular in the Far East.

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But what is FIFA Online 4 exactly, and why should you give it a try? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including its features, system requirements, and gameplay tips. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what FIFA Online 4 has to offer, and how you can download it and play it on your PC.

Features of FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 boasts many features that make it an attractive choice for football fans. Here are some of them:

  • Immersive graphics: FIFA Online 4 uses next-generation graphics technology to create realistic and detailed visuals. From the wrinkles in the uniforms to the seats in the stadiums, everything looks stunning. Even the weather effects are so real, you will feel like you are in the game.

  • Designed for players: EA and Nexon have spent the last five years collecting suggestions and feedback from players around the world. They have used this feedback to deliver the game that the players demanded. You can customize your game settings, tactics, formations, and more according to your preferences.

  • Control and realism: Player movements have been redesigned to be more realistic. Controls have been refined to be more precise and dynamic. Even the AI of players has been updated. Every kick, every save, and every step, you are in complete control.

  • Various modes: You can play regular matches with 2v2 or 3v3 matches like the main series, as well as the Ultimate Team feature seen in other games. You can also play World Tour mode, where you can compete in various tournaments around the world and win rewards. You can also challenge other players or friends online or offline.

  • FIFA license: FIFA Online 4 has the official license of FIFA, which means you can enjoy playing with over 32 leagues and 15,000 players from around the world. You can also play with legends from past editions of FIFA, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Darren Fletcher.

System requirements for FIFA Online 4

To play FIFA Online 4 on your PC, you will need to meet certain system requirements. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for this game:

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core or AMD Athlon II X4 620

CPU: Intel Core i5-2550K 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-6350 Six-Core



Hard disk space: 16-18 GB

Hard disk space: 18 GB

Graphics card: GeForce GT 730 or ATI Radeon HD 7570

Graphics card: GeForce GTX Gameplay tips for FIFA Online 4

Now that you know the features and system requirements of FIFA Online 4, you may be wondering how to play it well. Here are some gameplay tips that can help you improve your skills and performance in FIFA Online 4:

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  • Practice the basics: Before you jump into online matches, it is a good idea to practice the basic skills of the game, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and defending. You can use the training mode or the practice arena to hone your skills and learn the controls. You can also watch some tutorials or guides on YouTube, such as the ones from NealGuides, to learn some tips and tricks.

  • Use the right stick switching: One of the most important aspects of defending in FIFA Online 4 is switching to the right player at the right time. You can use the right stick to switch to any player on the pitch, and you can also use the adaptive right stick switching feature to select a player that is further away. This can help you cover more space and intercept passes or block shots. You can also see a visual indicator of where you are aiming your right stick, so you can switch more accurately.

  • Master the skill moves: Skill moves are special moves that you can perform with your players to beat defenders or create space. They can be very useful in FIFA Online 4, especially in 1v1 situations. You can use the right stick to perform different skill moves, depending on the direction and speed of your flicks. You can also use the L2/LT button to modify your skill moves and make them more effective. Some of the most useful skill moves in FIFA Online 4 are the ball roll, the drag back, the heel to heel flick, and the roulette.

  • Use the tactics and instructions: FIFA Online 4 allows you to customize your tactics and instructions for each formation and each player. You can adjust your defensive style, offensive style, width, depth, players in box, corners, free kicks, and more. You can also assign specific roles and behaviors to your players, such as captain, penalty taker, free kick taker, stay back while attacking, get in behind, cut inside, and more. These settings can have a big impact on how your team plays and how you can exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

  • Have fun and experiment: The most important tip for playing FIFA Online 4 is to have fun and experiment with different things. Try out different formations, players, tactics, skill moves, and modes. Find out what works for you and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or lose games. Learn from your experiences and improve your game. And most importantly, enjoy playing FIFA Online 4 with your friends or other players online.


FIFA Online 4 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football game that offers a lot of features and fun for football fans. You can play with over 32 leagues and 15,000 players from around the world, with realistic graphics and gameplay. You can also customize your tactics and instructions, perform skill moves, and compete in various modes and tournaments. If you want to play FIFA Online 4 on your PC, you will need to meet certain system requirements and download it from Nexon's website or Steam. You can also use some gameplay tips to improve your skills and performance in FIFA Online 4.

So what are you waiting for? Download FIFA Online 4 today and start playing with your friends or other players online. You will not regret it!


Here are some frequently asked questions about FIFA Online 4:

  • Q: Is FIFA Online 4 free?

  • A: Yes, FIFA Online 4 is free-to-play. You do not need to pay anything to download or play it. However, you can buy in-game currency or items with real money if you want to enhance your experience.

  • Q: Is FIFA Online 4 available in English?

  • A: No, FIFA Online 4 is currently only available in Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese languages. There is no official English version of the game yet.

  • Q: How do I download FIFA Online 4?

  • A: You can download FIFA Online 4 from Nexon's website or Steam. You will need to create an account and verify your phone number before you can download it.

  • Q: How do I play FIFA Online 4 online?

  • A: You will need an internet connection and a stable server and a region to play in. You can choose from Korea, China, Thailand, or Vietnam. You can also play with your friends or other players online by inviting them or joining a lobby.

  • Q: How do I update FIFA Online 4?

A: FIFA Online 4 updates automatically when you launch the game.


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