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Where To Buy Cubicle Walls

Used cubicles offer undeniable value to discerning buyers. We have great discounts on top brands like Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase & more. Who has the budget to buy them brand new at full price? Not many!

where to buy cubicle walls


If you take pride in being pennywise, used cubicles for sale and used office furniture for sale from one of these big name brands can be a smarter business investment than buying brand new ones from a lesser known manufacturer that may not be as reliable or well built.

Any office systems furniture dealer worth their salt (like us!) will be proactive about after-sales service whether they have sold you new or used office furniture, but warranties on as-is, pre owned furniture will typically be limited in scope and duration compared to those for brand new cubicles.

Buyers must find a used office furniture inventory that will match or adapt easily to their desired configuration. Buyers of new cubicles can simply order a custom layout however they wish, as these parts are manufactured to their specifications. But used inventories have a predetermined list of panels, connectors, desktops, and components in specific sizes that can only be put back together in so many ways.

A cubicle is an office desk which provides privacy and noise reduction via dividers between a collection of workstations. These partitions are usually around 5 feet tall and seek to limit distractions for their occupants. For companies, office cubicles are a space-saving way to provide employees with a personalized office space.

Office cubicles are modular desk systems that create compact workstations that can be placed together in rows enduringly referred to as cubicle farms. An office cubicle system is the traditional answer to the problem of spacing. With office cubicles in place the office will maximize the space available and create personal workstations with plenty of personal space.

Office cubicles at a minimum come with a desktop and limited storage. The tighter the space may require smaller cubicles. With more space a system can be set up with larger desktops and more storage options. That is the great thing about these options, they are versatile enough to be set up in many arrangements. They will be set up according to the needs of the office.

The options that come with office cubicles is the size that they come in, as well as storage options such as drawers and overhead cabinetry, keyboard trays, and pencil drawers. Each option allows for a customization that fits the desired need of the office. On top of the customization options of sizing and storage, finish options are plentiful as well. With the most popular finishes in office furniture, an office cubicle system will fit well in any office.

Office cubicles have been the chosen option for many years for spacing issues. Throughout the decades, the systems have more than proven their value. It is a testament of the benefit they have provided for so long. A cubicle system will provide the needed workspace while also providing the space saving versatility needed to make an office run smoothly.

Office cubicle systems can be difficult to plan, that is why our design team specializes in floor planning and office design. Our team will assist in providing the perfect office cubicle system and office layout for every space needed. This is a great tool at your disposal, call our design team today to get your system planning started.

To clean cubicle walls, try a mild liquid detergent, water and a soft-bristle scrub brush. Mix a cleaning solution of 1/4 cup mild laundry detergent with 1 quart warm water to create a sudsy solution. Dip the brush into the suds, not the soapy water, and lightly scrub the cubicle wall panels with the suds.

The main types of cubicles include: benching, freestanding walls, and modular. Modular cubicles are the most common. They include a desk attached to pre-fabricated walls. They can be custom configured into groups, rows, corners and more. Freestanding cubicles have walls that can be moved to wrap around existing desks. These provide flexibility because they can be moved without dismantling the desk. Benching refers to a setup where a long table desk is used by several workers with dividers or walls between them.

Set your employee up for success by providing the add-ons needed to efficiently and safely perform their duties. Most cubicles can include one or more of the following: overhead storage cabinet, locking overhead bin, shelving, under desk filing cabinet, bookcase, and acrylic divider. Some of these additional components can even serve a dual purpose. For example, we offer a mobile filing cabinet with a cushion top that is used by some as a place for a colleague to sit briefly during a discussion.

Simply put, this is how tall you want the walls of your cubicle to be. While there are a slight variations, the options are: low, medium, high, and high-low. Low walls enable employees to see one another. Medium walls provide seated privacy. High walls give the employee standing privacy.

The first thing we need to know when buying office cubicles is how many units your project calls for and if you plan to seat any employees in groupings. We welcome all orders, from one cubicle to a floor of 100 or more units.

If you can relate to that research, I hear you loud and clear. Feast your eyes (and ears!) on these 20 cubicle noise reduction strategies to help you add peace, quiet, and productivity to your workday.

One simple cubicle noise reduction trick is to install soundproof partitions. These can be floor-to-ceiling or shorter and are made of thick, sound-dampening material that blocks some of the noise between cubicle walls. As an added bonus, partitions also improve privacy between cubicles.

This solution works especially well if your office has shifted to a hybrid model, where some coworkers are working from home. With more space, you can spread out cubicles farther and decrease the sound that reaches each coworker.

In contrast to the quiet room, a call room can be a conference room or even a phone-booth-type installation where employees can go to make or take calls without disturbing their coworkers. These call rooms typically are enclosed (four walls and a roof) and outfitted with special soundproofing material.

Earplugs are a cheap and sneaky cubicle noise reduction strategy. If you want to be super stealthy and get extra noise protection, slip a pair of noise-cancelling headphones over the earplugs. No one will be the wiser.

Yes, safety earmuffs, as in the kind you wear to protect your ears from loud noises at a shooting range. It may seem extreme, but plenty of office workers use safety earmuffs to drown out your run-of-the-mill office noise.In college, I lived in an apartment where I shared a wall with a DJ. His music was so loud I could feel the vibrations. To get any studying done, I used to wear earplugs with safety earmuffs over them and turn on my HEPA filter for white noise.

Does your business value tradition or creativity? The answer to this question can help you narrow down cubicle layout preferences, as well as the colors and materials of the cubicles.

Is collaboration or privacy more important? Cubicles are meant to divide an office into many personal spaces and come in a variety of heights that can limit or promote privacy. However, creativity tends to stem from collaboration, and more creative businesses might be better off utilizing benching systems as the foundation of their open office plan with modular cubicles built in as supplemental pieces.

While these heights might vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, these are the most common office cubicle heights. The height of your cubicles should depend on the office culture you want to build. If your employees need to collaborate on a consistent basis, having low cubicle heights makes communication much easier. Higher cubicle heights obviously make each space more private.

The overall space of the office and the size of the cubicles you choose will have an impact on layout possibilities, but this aspect of office design should not be overlooked. Depending on the size of your workforce and how they interact on a daily basis, certain layouts might be better than others. Here are four potential layouts to consider:

Even after considering all your options, purchasing cubicles and other office furniture can be a tough decision especially when attempting to maximize the space at your disposal. If your business needs new or slightly used cubicles, please contact us at Office Furniture Warehouse. We even offer remanufactured cubicles from top manufacturers that are refurbished in-house at our Pittsburgh location.

Order cubicles online below or stop by our warehouse showrooms to see more products. Due to the high demand for our used office furniture and limited run new products we can't always keep our whole inventory online.

Find new, high quality, professional cubicles and partitions for your home or office in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Wauwatosa, Racine, or elsewhere in the midwest. Our new cubicles and partitions come backed by a comprehensive 5- to 10-year warranty and are often 40% to 60% off retail prices.

Furnish or redecorate a call center at low cost with help from Office Furniture Warehouse. Contact us online or visit one of our stores and tell us how many cubicles you're looking for. If we don't already have what you need in stock, we can find it for you in under a week.

When it comes time to set up your partition, workstation or cubicle leave the heavy lifting and cleanup to the pros. Our office furniture installers work quickly and make sure you're more than satisfied with the setup before leaving.

Whether you need a short or long-term lease, cubicles for a small office or new startup, workstations to make an open work space more productive or help deciding how to equip your office on a budget we can help. 041b061a72


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