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The Pianist YIFY

After seeing this movie I went straight to my video store to buy their copy. Unfortunately, they had only the one copy and wouldn't sell it to me. This movie affected me deeply. It tells the story of a musical prodigy who is born, lives his entire life, and dies on board a cruise liner. The scene where the pianist, named 1900, and his friend "ride" the grand piano around the ballroom as the ship rolls brought me to tears. There is a palpable joy in this scene : captivated by the music, they care not where the piano takes them. And take them it does, through the glass wall of the ballroom and down a corridor where they are confronted by ship's the Captain. He does not admonish the pair, just accepts the situation. When 1900 is challenged by jazz great Jelly Roll Morton to a piano duel, he meets the challenge and annihilates Morton with a performance that left me shaking. I replayed that scene over and over. As a pianist myself, I was entranced, thrilled and amazed by the playing. When 1900 delivers the coup de grace, I literally cheered! You must see this film. It is a very special experience.

The Pianist YIFY

This is a whimsical yet poignant portrait of a man who has spent his entire life aboard a steamship traversing the Atlantic, earning his stay as one of the ship's musicians after he was raised by a crewman on board and left with no place else to go after his benefactor died in an unfortunate accident. It's at times fanciful and capricious, and at other times emotionally wrenching. Much of the story is told through the recollection of Max (Pruitt Taylor Vince), a trumpet player with the steamer Virginian, who formed a friendship and bond with the pianist who came to be known as 1900, having been born on the first day of that year. In hindsight and a series of flashbacks, Max recalls his association with 1900 (Tim Roth) and their adventures at sea, and how the enigmatic pianist maintained his resolve to remain captive to the Virginian's spell over the many years. A couple of noteworthy scenes entertained this viewer, the first being the playful sequence in which 1900 plays the piano in a grand ballroom during a storm, during which the careening piano eventually crashes through a huge wall of glass and into a passenger's stateroom. The other was the apparently intense competition between 1900 and jazz great Jelly Roll Morton (Clarence Williams III) for musical supremacy among the ship's passengers. Wonderfully filmed , I was particularly taken with a scene in which 1900 wistfully stares out of one of the ship's windows after he tries to disembark but is unable to, due to his attachment to the Virginian. Using a truly original and clever technique, the rain outside the ship creates a slight stream of water to run along 1900's face simulating a tear from his right eye. The effect was very evocative of the way 1900 was feeling at the time, and a credit to the cinematographer for coming up with such a unique device. In it's own way, the scene foretold that there would be no happy ending to this tale of lost love and friendship, being more a character study defining the way someone has chosen to live their life with no attachments and no place to call home. 041b061a72


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