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Witcher 3 Best Reshade

Choosing the best mods for The Witcher 3 can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Graphics mods vary greatly in size and scope, covering just about anything that can be found in the environment, characters included. Picking the most comprehensive mods, like the ones on this list, typically gives the player the best results while also avoiding complicated load orders.

Witcher 3 Best Reshade


There are plenty of monsters to be slain in The Witcher 3. If there weren't, then Geralt would be out of a job. Since the player inevitably spends a lot of time in the company of monstrous enemies, it's important that they look their best.

A witcher is nothing without his armor. The game doesn't skimp when it comes to offering Geralt a wide range of options regarding protection. Geralt's armor should always look its best while fighting the game's myriad beasts and monsters.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Geralt's silver sword in The Witcher 3 sees a lot of action. Monsters need to be dispatched with silver weaponry, as regular steel has no effect on them. Since fans will be staring at Geralt's silver sword quite a bit throughout a playthrough, it's only natural that it should look its best.

Another bit of extra immersion that fans may appreciate involves Geralt's appearance, namely his eyes. Geralt's eyes, like other witchers, are catlike in appearance. Unlike non-witchers, Geralt is a proficient hunter at night, especially after ingesting potions and tonics that further augment his monster-slaying capabilities.

Once again, fans don't lack choices when it comes to mods, especially where reshades are concerned. When looking to make Geralt's environment appear as breathtaking as possible, players can't go wrong with Wild Hunt Re-Engaged.

Works best with The Witcher 3 Phoenix lighting mod V2 ( I use "Phoenix II Hd Water zzzFx and More Light ver"); all credits to the author. Let me hear from you if it looks good with other lighting mods !

Digital Dreams has shared a new video running The Witcher 3 loaded with mods including the ray tracing reshade mod, Vanilla Lighting 2.0, and at 8K. You'll need the most powerful hardware you can buy, so I wouldn't be trying this without NVIDIA's flagship GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

Recently, YouTube channel Digital Dreams (via Wccftech) shared a video of The Witcher 3 running on an RTX 3090 graphics card. The footage looks incredible, of course, but what specifically shines are the 8K visuals, the ray-tracing reshade, and the Vanilla Lighting and Weather 2.0 mod available on NexusMods. The latter mod improves cutscene lighting, irons out details across several environments, and features a new type of rainy weather. Interestingly, 50 mods in total made the 8K video below possible, according to Digital Dreams.

What do you think? How does The Witcher 3 look in 8K and ray tracing Reshade? Have you used Reshade before? Would you be willing to with ray tracing reshade in other games? What games would you add ray tracing to if you could? Let us know!

im extremely skeptical of these "ray tracing" videos on youtube, im not knowledgeable enough, but i doubt these reshades are actually ray traced with bounces of model geometry. Also even if it is form of ray tracing its extremely clickbaited with questionable quality in result on YT. Name your video "ray tracing next gen graphics[insert game name]" put extremely over edited thumbnail and voila = views :

Well that is indeed the main way to gather attention these days. And while i could do a simple search on what exactly reshade is doing, i know it's not actual ray tracing because that required the whole of minecraft's blocks to be redone in some ways for it to work. So this is obviously a type of shader mod. Makes the game look a bit different, but from my memory of the witcher 3, it's not really that different. My main gripe though, would be youtube's crappy compression. I have a 1080p monitor, the video is at 1440p and it still looks like 720p.

is it only me? that GTA V clip, it looks not much different in some scenes and absolutely trash in others? For example it looks to me that these reshades has to be very light resulting in not much difference to vanila or if artist tries to make it stronger it completely destroys the graphics like i shown here.

It all works in screen space, so the results will never really look that great. I have some reshade stuff for testing, but I don't really use any during my own gameplay. I'm fine with whatever the vanilla games offer, for the most part, and I'm usually not willing to deal with the performance penalty of running extra shaders at high resolutions, unless the game runs very well to begin with (like Skyrim).

2. Delete any previous reshade files you have. Download and install the archive of my reshade presets files from Nexus Mods. Copy/paste all the files from the archive to your bin/x64 folder, where the witcher3.exe file is located.

This reshade preset aims to achieve a more dramatic and immersive feel. Supports the latest version of Reshade (4.3.0). The Extreme Preset includes settings for the Ray Tracing shader (alpha pre-release) by the great Marty McFly, and other effects from the qUINT shader suite (lightroom, bloom).

Witcher 3 has an outstanding modding stage, which can allow you not just actually remaster the game in every aspect, but bring many new content and features, and tailor the game up to your likings completely - which many Witcher series fans, surprisingly, are not aware about. I'm a diehard Witcher universe fan - started from reading the books back in my teenage years, and then playing every Witcher game upon its release, with Witcher 3 being one of favourite games in lifetime, drowning me for hundreds ofgameplay hours. One day, I've also discovered TW3 modding stage not just exists, but it's quite active and has plenty of absolutely amazing mods - this stunned me positively, and lead to yet new hundreds of hours spent in already modded TW3 walkthroughs. At the same time, TW3 modding can be quite clunky and confusing for a newcomer, and amount of mods is quite impressive - so picking between them, learning about compatibility aspects and some other moments may be really overwhelming to anyone who wants to dive into a modded walkthrough. That's why, I decided to collect and systemise all my experience and knowledge about this process, and share it with you folks - so you don't need to go through weeks of exhausting process yourself, no need to struggle with figuring out load order and being confused by script compilation errors. This guide is an easy-to-follow roadmap into TW3 modding. Following it, you will be able to build your own ultimate modded Witcher 3 experience - with best results possible and minimum efforts. That's it!

A: Not such NASA PC as you may think! CPU - Intel i5 6600k (or AMD analogue), GTX 1080/2070/1660Ti (or AMD analogues), 16GB RAM - with similar specs you'll be be able to run a setup with all retextures, all needed lighting/weather/immersion mods, at max possible settings, with any Reshade preset you want, better shadows and LODs and so on. Yes, this guide is made for ALL rigs - no matter if your PC srong, not that much or a complete potato - you can find recommendations, and build best modded game possible.

A: You need GOTY version 1.31. Now a bit of explanation. First of all, exactly the GOTY version (from GOG) is preferable for modding. Thing is, while game + all DLCs is same, content-wise, to GOTY version - there's a huge difference for modding (simply said, some internal game assets and how scripts are packed). In other words, if you're about to just play vanilla TW3 - just a game with all DLCs is fine, but if you plan to mod your game - GOTY is a must-have. GOG GOTY is recommended because after many reports read from many users, as well as from testing it myself, it seems that Steam's GOTY is not a "real" GOTY. Secondly, why 1.31 version (while latest game version is 1.32). Version 1.32, on paper, brought only a Chinese translation and nothing else - but similar as with GOTY/non-GOTY situation, it also affects modding - simply said, huge amount of mods just won't work properly at 1.32 (if at all). The only case when you won't crucially need to rollback from 1.32 to 1.31 is if you're solidly, absolutely, 146% sure that for this walkthrough you won't install any gameplay mods at all, and will only install model/texture/lighting mods - and nothing else. In this case, you can keep 1.32. But you most likely will never be sure in this - because as you'll look through the gameplay mods section, you'll definitely want to install at least a few gameplay mods - that's almost guaranteed. Thankfully, in GOG Galaxy client you can just rollback game to needed version anytime. For Steam version, there's a solution below in the guide. You're not losing anything by this content-wise. Lastly, with the "next gen" update, at least for some time, it will be unknown how good mods for "classic" version will work with it, so 1.31 is heavily recommended over the next gen version too for modding. You can use a special patcher listed below to make your game version 1.31 from 1.32 in Steam, and for GOG users, Galaxy officially gives a possibility to choose needed game version through it. Tldr: best possible version of the game for modding, on which all mods will work just fine is GOG GOTY 1.31 - so if you have it - great, if you don't have and if it's not a problem for you to buy it - do it for sure as it will save you time and save from headache. If you have Steam GOTY version - it's a bit more problematic, but has a solution as well. As for the "next gen" update, I will see how the modding stage support will go and update the guide in future, if needed - and if modding stage will majorly update for the "nextgen" version, I'll surely revise the guide as per this - but for now, and surely, at least few months to come, 1.31 is the version to go for modding.

12) Install Mod Limit Adjuster. Witcher 3 is very "capricious" when it comes to mods amount. There's not scrict limit (like 255 plugin in Skyrim, for example), but game can go nuts with basically any mods amount, even just a few - this includes longer loading screens (or complete stucks on them), freezes, crashes, and just wide amount of most weird glitches. In past, it was very tedious to bypass this, as all you could do was to merge mods yourself, which also often leaded to new issues. No more! Mod Limit Adjuster is an engine fix which allows you to use as many mods as you want, simple as that. First of all, install Ultimate ASI Loader (it's required for Adjuster to work). Download the latest version x64 archive (namely the "" file, release version 4.59 atm). Unpack it. Place the dinput8.dll file inside your Witcher 3 x64 folder (basically, where the witcher3.exe file is located). Make sure you downloaded exactly the 64 bit version of the loader - otherwise, Mod Limit Adjuster won't work correctly. Note: if you're 100% sure you have downloaded the correct file and installed it properly, but your game still crashes at launch (and only in this case), try to rename the file to d3d11.dll - it's a rarely happening issue to some users, and this solution helps with it. Now download the Mod Limit Adjuster archive. Unpack it. Place both "ModLimitAdjuster.asi" and "ModLimitAdjuster.cfg" inside your Witcher 3 x64 folder (same where you placed the previous file). Well done - you can now use as many mods as you want - feel the power!


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