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Never Seen A Crack House Fat Joe Albums

FAT JOE: And so what I'm saying to you is, if you work in an office, you working anywhere, wherever, doorman - right? - Fat Joe watches the doormans. I've got a doorman in Miami named Steve that if I ever open a store or a business in Miami, I'm going to snatch him up. Steve is the hardest worker in the world. I would put him right beside me. There's a Mexican man who pumps gas here in Jersey by my house in snowstorms and rain. If I open up something that I could use this man, I'm going to get him. And so people are always watching. So you got to be first in there and last there. You think you got a job, you punch in and out, that's not how you get to the elite level. That's not how you get considered for these positions. And so you've got to stay in the game. You never know. And so my legacy, I'm still in the game.

never seen a crack house fat joe albums

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FAT JOE: Man, it was beautiful at the beginning, and then drugs just came into our neighborhood. And so the way crack started, it was a high-end drug. So they would be in the clubs, and they would sprinkle the crack in the weed. They would call it woolas (ph). So they got hooked on that crack. I seen guys who used to be the flyest (ph) guys in the world, and three weeks later they be looking homeless.

Fat Joe was very disrespectful and called Lil Mo & Vita dusty b**ches at the #Verzuz battle.Also said that JaRule had to go to the crack house to find them. This not okay ! #ProtectBlackWoman


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