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Where To Buy Gift Boxes For Clothes

Nashville Wraps boxes are stocked in cartons and small packs so you have purchasing options. Paired with gift tissue paper in white & kraft, solid colors or designs, you can easily change your packaging look each season.

where to buy gift boxes for clothes

The most widely used boxes by gift shops and boutiques are folding white and brown kraft appareland kraft gift boxes. Recycled brown kraft boxes have a varnish stripe which give them a grooved, textured appearance. They look great with simple raffia or natural grosgrain ribbons. Recycled white boxes have a light gloss finish and are typically used with gift wrap.

Apparel boxes are easy to assemble with a simple 2-piece pop up design, bases and lids are the same size. Apparel boxes are stocked in six sizes. Small boxes for children's clothing, lingerie or scarfs. Medium size is a perfect shirt box, and large sizes are for robes, coats, blankets or linens. One-piece gift boxes have a double lock bottom with tuck top lid. Two-piece gift boxes have lock corner style closures. Large 2-pc boxes are telescoping boxes, this means they gain expanded height if the lids are not pushed down the complete height of the base.

Our most popular color boxes are the gift and gourmet boxes. The lids and bases are packed separately so you can mix and match colors in so many fun combinations. The box bases are an automatic construction and the lids are a pinch lock. Stocked in four sizes, these boxes also make nice gift towers.

Trendy magnetic gift boxes are an easy to use option for packaging gifts, wine, candies and gourmet foods. These boxes feature a flip-top lid with a strong magnetic catch for easy opening and closing. These boxes ship flat but have a glue strip with an easy to remove paper covering to turn the box into a rigid, easy to fill container. These boxes are offered in six sizes. Smaller sizes work for small gifts, apparel and accessories. Larger sizes are perfect for gourmet food sets and gift packaging. Tall boxes are designed for one or two wine bottles. They also make great gourmet gift sets or would work for ties, socks or rolled apparel.

Need your product to show and sell? Choose a clear lid box. These display boxes have rigid bases in three color options and clear acrylic lids. Available in over a dozen sizes. Perfect for greeting cards & stationery, packaged gourmet products, bath & body gift sets, baby gift sets or even picture frames.

We also stock slide open boxes with windows. These folding 2-piece boxes, consist of a box base that slides into a sleeve. The sleeve has a clear plastic window, giving customers and gift recipients a chance to see the gift inside. We offer these boxes in four sizes and four colors. The sleeves are separate from the base so you can mix and match colors. These can be used for small gifts like handkerchiefs, socks, ties or baby bibs, or candies. is your leading source for apparel boxes. Our apparel gift boxes are all made of cardboard and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Our high-quality apparel gift boxes and other clothing gift boxes are perfect for clothing of all kinds. Apparel boxes come 25 to 100 per case and are perfect for retailers. Discounts are available for a high quantity purchase. Choose from our selection of clothing gift boxes:

Choose the clothing gift box that best suits your needs from our comprehensive selection above. The specific colors and finishes of apparel gift boxes we offer include: brown (kraft), white matte, white alligator, white gloss, brick red, hunter green, navy blue pinstripe, black pinstripe, oatmeal pinstripe, red gloss, green gloss, ivory gloss, black gloss, and silver gloss. strives to be the one-stop source for all your apparel boxes and other clothing gift boxes. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a question, comment, or concern please contact us. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Baby Boxy offers unique and thoughtful baby gift boxes for baby girls and boys with an emphasis on the unboxing experience. We've taken all measures to ensure your gift will be a memorable one. Every detail from the interior packaging to the exterior shipping box was thoughtfully planned to make sure your newborn or baby gift is extra special!

Baby Boxy was founded by twin mom, Julie Lewis, with the goal of providing baby gifts for newborns, girls, and boys that every parent loves - focusing on safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. All products in our baby gift boxes are reviewed, tested and approved by Julie and her twins to ensure your babies are getting the highest quality. If you are looking for the best baby shower gifts, our baby gift boxes offer a unique and personalized option.

Baby Boxy LLC is an online retailer of curated baby gift boxes. We feature only the best brands of baby apparel and accessories to ensure baby is getting high-quality and safe products. Click here to learn more.

Our clothing box is a must-have for fashion retailers, especially when packing gifts for customers immediately at the checkout counter. At the same time, our clothing gift box is also a best-selling product of global gift box dealers. We offer a variety of stock sizes and colors, including overcoat boxes, two-piece pop-up styles, folding top folds and hard boxes. We also provide customized colors to give the store a brand look.

All clothing and gift boxes are environmentally friendly, made of environmentally friendly cardboard and water-based ink. According to the needs of retail or gift-giving, packaging clothing can use a variety of options. Retailers and consumers use clothing boxes for gifts, such as shirts, dresses, pants and coats. All the folding garment boxes we provide are made in China and use environmentally friendly post-consumer recycled cardboard and water-based inks of various colors.

GleePackaging is your main source of clothing packaging boxes. Our clothing and gift boxes are all made of natural cardboard, and can print a variety of colors and finishes. Our high-quality clothing gift boxes and other clothing gift boxes are very suitable for all kinds of clothing and can protect the clothing from being broken. Very suitable for retailers.

Do you want to pack a lot of clothing? Or need to import a large number of clothing gift boxes? You can view our selection of clothing gift boxes and other clothing gift boxes on Our clothing boxes and clothing boxes are stocked in various shapes, sizes and materials. Our beautiful black, red and oatmeal pinstripe clothing boxes will surely impress you. strives to be a one-stop source for all your clothing boxes and other clothing gift boxes. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. We are happy to do everything possible to help.

You may also like: The Curio Spice Co. Culinary Essentials box ($32) includes common yet super-flavorful spices that your gift recipient will reach for daily. Curio toasts or grinds many of its spices in-house and sources spices from small, sustainable farms around the world, as well as locally in New England, where the company is based.

Give a gift the whole family will cherish for generations. These baby gift sets are specially curated with our very best plush, lovies, blankets, cutest clothes, and accessories. All bundled up in our signature gift box, complete with carrot tissue paper, logo sticker, and carrot logo ribbon, a gift presentation that will be remembered. In addition to a memorable presentation our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.

Our readers rave about the quality of the products; some lifestyle boxes use cheap add-ons to boost the retail value of their monthly boxes, but STRONG self(ie) is carefully curated. This is an inspiring teen subscription box, and it makes a wonderful gift.

Apparel gifts require very attractive and alluring packaging to increase the beauty of the parcel. White apparel boxes are best for the simple, lovely, and appealing apparel packing. To make your present more special, we offer various beautiful white gift box packaging for all occasions.

The packaging of the clothing gift items should be swanky and trendy. In addition to this, your white apparel gift boxes must be sturdy and durable. These are the essential factors to keep your apparel safe and secure from dust and dirt.

We believe in sustaining a high level of quality for white apparel gift box packaging. It is the most captivating advantage of white apparel boxes that offer extreme power and toughness. It can provide full support and care to white gift packaging boxes.

Personalized white apparel gift boxes offer you to select the kind of the box. You can choose boxes with lids and holding strips or with different partitions and separations. You can also get magnetic closure to the boxes if you want.

Different types of clothes require a unique kind of box. So, you can easily order for different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Depending on your requirements and the level of durability you require, you can have any material for your custom printed boxes.

We have years of experience in designing and making white apparel gift packaging for many brands. Using the same experience and expertise, we can provide you with the best custom white apparel boxes in wholesale. Your satisfaction is our priority. So, book your appointments with us and grab the best boxes for you.

The primary currency of the game, almost everything requires some amount of Gold to do. Buying clothing and materials from Parven's Shop, crafting clothes and gifts, enhancing relics' skills, researching in Fashion Lab, and so on.

There is no longer a reason to wash your dishes, clothes or bathrooms with chemicals from who knows where. This box is filled with cleaning supplies made in Alabama and includes everything you need to keep your house and clothes clean while supporting Alabama businesses: Dishwashing liquid Laundry Detergent Oxy Orange Multi surface cleaner Foaming Hand Soap Reusable dishwashing sponge Cleaner/Degreaser *This is not a part of the subscription box service and will only be sent once as this is not a recurring purchase. *All products in the box are manufactured in Alabama by Alabama companies. *Shipping $9.50 as this a heavy box *Sales tax is included in the price 041b061a72


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