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Kamui The Lone Ninja 2009 DVDRip

if you're into all things ninja, then you're really into all things ninja, and you'll probably be able to appreciate this manga for its various references. if you're more into all things modern, then well, you're probably not going to like it much. the manga is adapted from the anime series, and there's a lot of action, but at times it can be remarkably contemplative. the way the comic-book format is often used to showcase the daily life of the people in the setting is probably the most appealing feature, and it shows that while you may not be able to see the ninja, the ninja are still there, watching. the art style is fantastic, and the manga is really easy on the eyes. while it's not a super-violent series, there are several occasions where characters suffer, and there's no question that they hurt. it's not easy to read, though, and at times it's awkward. the reading is especially hard if you're not used to the style, but there is a lot of character development, and the art is just beautiful.

Kamui The Lone Ninja 2009 DVDRip

when you're doing a comedy, you are attempting to create a sense of humor that makes you laugh. if you can't get a reaction from the audience, then you need to be more careful about the jokes you make. you might want to make them in a language they can understand, and you might even want to make them about something that they are familiar with, but you shouldnt make them on the basis of whether or not you think they are funny. kamui is a comedic manga, but it's not a particularly funny one. there are moments where it is almost amusing, but it's not a series that is consistently funny, and it's not even consistently entertaining. it's one of those manga where the art is really good, but the story is boring.


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