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Falling Down YIFY ^NEW^

It's never been hard to pirate movies, but for a long time, one collective has made it easier to watch the latest blockbusters than any other: YIFY. By focusing on speed, better quality rips and small file sizes, the group quickly grew to become the number one source for illegal movies, catering for the needs of millions of content pirates around the world. However, the YIFY name may soon fade into obscurity after it was revealed that its leader had been traced and named in a New Zealand lawsuit following a joint operation between the MPAA and its "international affiliates." While many believe that its releases won't be missed, YIFY's shutdown will leave a big hole in the piracy market and have a knock-on effect on streaming services like Popcorn Time -- at least until another group steps up.

Falling Down YIFY

Some members of the torrenting community are quick to dismiss the quality of YIFY releases. The group's Full HD (1080p) releases have been criticized for lacking visual detail and sound clarity, with 5.1 audio support notably absent. It's clear, however, that YIFY's releases are significantly better than the "CAM rips" that are uploaded by groups who send people into theaters to film movies. YIFY makes some trade-offs to get its file sizes down, and community diehards may not have been impressed, but its quality was more than enough for the masses.

If you head to any popular movie torrent site right now, you'll notice that the majority of high-definition releases are YIFY uploads. The Pirate Bay, for example, lists 72 YIFY movies in its Top 100 HD movie section. In five years, over 4,500 infringing titles have been shared on such sites, and before the group was shut down, new movies would appear every few hours.

With YIFY gone, torrent sites face becoming stagnant as the pace of new releases drops. What also hasn't been considered is the effect the group's demise will have on streaming services like Popcorn Time and Kodi movie streaming plugins. While the MPAA and Hollywood studios have successfully shut down various forks of the Bittorrent-based platform, users have flocked to its many copycats. But there may soon be a dearth of new movies to stream.

That's exactly what the MPAA wants, of course, but in the huge game of whack-a-mole that is internet piracy, downloaders will hope there's another aXXo or YIFY waiting in the wings. In contrast to Scene or P2P groups, which operate in cliques and aspire to be the first to leak a Hollywood blockbuster, YIFY operated on an access-for-all basis. That's not to say that other torrent release groups can't capitalize on the void left by the New Zealand-based movement. There are plenty of private torrent trackers where content is siloed, but it appears that most public teams do not have (right now) the same access to movies that YIFY enjoyed.

YIFY Torrents or YTS was a peer-to-peer release group known for distributing large numbers of movies as free downloads through BitTorrent. YIFY releases were characterised through their small file size, which attracted many downloaders.

The original YIFY/YTS website was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015; however, numerous websites imitating the YIFY/YTS brand still receive a significant amount of traffic. The name "YIFY" is derived from the name of the founder, Yiftach Swery.[1]

YIFY Torrents was founded by Yiftach Swery in 2010 while he was studying computer science at University of Waikato.[2] Yiftach is an app developer, web developer and archery champion from Auckland, New Zealand.[3][4] In August 2011, the YIFY brand was gaining enough traffic to warrant the launch of an official YIFY Torrents Website, although it was eventually blocked by United Kingdom authorities. A backup website was launched for users to bypass this ban.[5]

The YIFY name continued to generate traction to the point where in 2013 'YIFY' was the most searched term on Kickass Torrents, along with other related search terms such as 'yify 720p', 'yify 2013' and 'yify 1080p'.[6] This popularity was maintained through to 2015, where it was once again the most searched term on BitTorrent websites.[7]

In October 2015, the YIFY website went down, with no word from any of the staff or those connected with the site, and no new YIFY releases. It was confirmed on October 30, 2015, that YIFY/YTS was shut down permanently.[15][16] The site was shut down due to a lawsuit coming from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).[17][18] They filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the website's operator, accusing him of "facilitating and encouraging massive copyright infringement". This news came as a surprise to some, such as a spokesman for the New Zealand Screen Association who would have expected the site to have been operating from Eastern Europe, the case with some other past websites.[19] Swery was able to settle out of court a month later, signing a non-disclosure agreement.[20] Yiftach did not resist legal action in any way, and co-operated with authorities as needed. In a 2016 Reddit AMA, Yiftach justified this saying that he never intended to "put up a fight", and had frequently told himself "When someone asks you to stop properly, you stop".[21]

Since the shutdown of the official YIFY in 2015, many websites began to use the YIFY name unofficially. Some websites claimed to be the "new" YIFY, whilst others simply used the name for unrelated purposes such as streaming sites and subtitle download repositories, such as "YIFY Subtitles".[22]

One particular imitator, YTS.AG, appeared very quickly after the shutdown of the real YIFY. The clone website was started by the same group who created a fake EZTV website.[23] YTS.AG indexed all of the old YIFY uploads, whilst adding their own uploads under their own branding. There was immediate backlash to the imitator websites by multiple torrent index sites; RARBG and ExtraTorrent banned all YIFY/YTS imposters, while Kickass Torrents allowed them under the condition that they were uploaded under a different name.[24] They have shifted domain names multiple times throughout their lifespan.[25][26]

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It is popularly also known as YTS and is one of the top torrenting sites. YTS is an abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions. YIFY torrents have all the best movie torrents, music, and more of such videos available readily online for download.

Why is YIFY/YTS torrents more popular than others? Because of the large collection of torrents and better downloading and seeding speed compared to other sites such as Limetorrents, ExtraTorrent, Kickass torrents, etc.

KAT Torrents is again a very popular torrent search engine, but like many other torrent websites, it too was shut down eventually. Some proxy websites are still running that you can use as YIFY/YIFY alternatives. The primary domain is currently

The only thing is that it does not guarantee privacy from ISP or any other third party tracking your activity. If you download too much from torrents, your ISP may limit your bandwidth, also known as bandwidth throttling.

No, YTS is not legal, along with many other torrenting platforms. It had previously been shut down due to violation of stolen and copyright content. For this, you can use other YTS alternatives at your own will - make sure to check up on its legalities before accessing.

The number one thing to keep in mind about torrents is to avoid downloading copyrighted content. FastestVPN does not condone the downloading of movies, TV shows, and other software illegally. Also, have an antivirus active at all times as torrents can contain malware such as crypto miners.

Three weeks ago Polish law enforcement officers arrested Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of KickassTorrents. The arrest resulted in the shutdown of the site, which came as a shock to millions of KAT users and the torrent community at large. 041b061a72


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