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After scholl activites

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DON'T TRUST EXPERIAN. They put $19.95 on my husband card each month for years, starting in 2012. Then it changed to $24.95 a month for years. Like someone else said he had a lot of charges each month and never paid attention to it. He didn't catch it until Aug. 2015, when someone else committed fraud on his card. So this went on four years. We have tried and never received a penny of our money back. I think Experian and consumerinfo are working together. I sent consumerinfo a letter requesting the money back. They mailed a letter back stating they were unable to locate the account with the charges that were referenced. Then they requested that we send a full credit card number and a copy of our bank statement showing the charges incurred. Don't trust either Experian or consumerinfo P.O. box 2390 Allen, Tx.75013 FRAUD! FRAUD!





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