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Sonic Fgx Custom Character Pack

At the right of the Dynamic Perception control lies the ITP character slider. This control sets the global character of saturation curves that the ITP process will produce. The higher the slider, the more the transients in the mix will sound harder. The lower the slider, the more the transients will sound smoother. This great feature allows you to further customize your master with extreme precision.

Sonic Fgx Custom Character Pack

While both versions could not play cross-platform due to unique content causing logistical issues, Sakurai had remarked that one feature of the 3DS Smash Bros. title would be that players can improve their character through battles and rewards, then transfer them to the Wii U Smash title to play against friends; such a function was ultimately made possible through character customization. The Nintendo 3DS hardware proved difficult to work with for the team, which led to several compromises to both versions. The system's inability to load multiple fighters to the same player meant transformations and multi-character fighters were not possible. Since both versions were required to have the exact same roster, characters had to be greatly altered, like Sheik and Zelda being split into unique characters that could not swap with each other, or cut entirely, like Ice Climbers. The team also had issues implementing the Circle Pad Pro, which meant all mechanics involving the C-stick were inaccessible, though still in the game code.

After the first reveal, new information was regularly released throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014. Sakurai opened the Director's Room on Miiverse, where he posted screenshots of the game on a regular basis, as well as periodically reveal several returning characters. New characters were revealed in Nintendo Directs and other presentations in the form of high budget trailers with prerendered animation meant to maintain hype and interest in the game leading up to its release. A dedicated Nintendo Direct for the game aired on April 8, 2014. Highlights included that both versions would have different stages, with 3DS focusing on handheld console games and Wii U focusing on home console games; that both versions would receive unique single-player content, with the 3DS version receiving Smash Run; and that there would be a rework of online play from Brawl, with the mode being split into For Fun, which would be more casual-oriented and focus more on items and stage gimmicks, and For Glory, which would focus more on competition by disabling items, restricting character customization, and limiting the stage selection to Final Destination and the newly introduced "Ω forms", which give every stage a layout similar to that of Final Destination. Global Smash Power was also introduced as the game's online ranking system, with 1 being the floor and higher numbers increasing in skill level; this value would be used for the game's random matchmaking. The 3DS version was given a release window of Summer 2014, while the Wii U version was given a window of Winter 2014. The large gap between their releases was to give each version dedicated time for quality assurance and polish.

The Wii U and 3DS versions of the game were shown to have distinct art styles from one another in that the 3DS version uses flatter shading and optional black outlines to make characters easier to see at a distance, a graphical style reminiscent of other 3DS games such as Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokémon X & Y. These outlines are customizable as Sakurai stated players can change the size of the outlines or get rid of them completely. As stated before, many of the stages are version specific, with the 3DS version having more stages based on handheld console games, and the Wii U having more stages based on home console games.[15] There is no cross-platform gameplay between the Wii U and 3DS versions due to the exclusive stages to each version[16]; however, one can create customized fighters in the 3DS version using the character customization feature and send them to the Wii U version. In addition to this, by connecting the two games (or using a special downloadable application), the 3DS can be used as a controller on the Wii U version. However, this doesn't apply vice-versa, as none of the Wii U's peripherals can act as a controller on 3DS hardware.


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